lexington, ky

When you’re at Rolex, there is so much to see and do in the horse park, you might almost forget that you are going to be staying in a pretty cool city. I will say, last year we kind of didn’t think about what we were going to after we left the park for the day. We spent a fair bit of time searching for things, but ultimately ended up loving some of the things we just stumbled upon. I wanted to share a couple of my favorite things from last year’s trip to inspire you all who are going this year!

Thursday Night Live

If you’re coming for dressage on Thursday, be sure not to miss this! The Fifth Third Bank Pavilion fills up with locals and Rolex-goers alike for a fun evening of live music, great food, drinks and some real southern charm. We grabbed a drink and hung around for a bit before dinner in the large open space in the middle of downtown Lexington. I would recommend getting there towards the beginning of the evening and grabbing an outdoor seat at one of the bars that lines the block.

Happy Hour at Pies & Pints

Another great downtown location with a cool atmosphere. I do think that this restaurant is part of a chain, but there isn’t one around where I live, so I still consider this a Lexington treat! The name says it all, so you know what you’re getting yourself into with this one– Pizza and Beer! This is really the perfect spot after a long day of being in the sun and walking around.

Breakfast at Great Bagel

We were told this place made the “best bagels in Lexington” and we definitely weren’t disappointed. This cute little spot is located right near the University of Kentucky campus  and was the perfect breakfast to fuel us for Saturday’s day full of Cross Country (which for non-horsey people consists of lots and lots of walking over terrain and through weather–yes, we enjoy this kind of stuff). We actually came back to Great Bagel again Sunday morning before Stadium; no excuse here except that we really liked the bagels!

Alright, loves. This does not even break the tip of the iceberg for great things to do in Lexington. I have quite a few things on my bucket list this year, but I want to hear your favorites, or things you’re hoping to see/do in Lexington on RK3DE weekend!

2 thoughts on “lexington, ky

  1. Jessica says:

    The Blue Heron restaurant! Wonderful and Kentucky Deli is also great too! The little coffee house Daily Offerings was really nice as well. All really nice places with fantastic offerings, great staff, and wonderful atmosphere.


  2. osurosie says:

    The Blue Heron, Kentucky Deli, and Daily Offerings are all wonderful places to eat. All offer different things and have different atmosphere, but have excellent staff and great things to eat, and in the case of Daily Offerings and Blue Heron, excellent things to drink to either start or end your day.


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