more then meets the eye. part 2

Let’s get personal for a second. We’re always talking about breeches and base layers, belts and boots…but what about what’s underneath all of that–the foundation every riding outfit. Next in the series: Socks!

I own more socks that I would like to admit (but for some reason can never seem to find a matching pair when I need them). I’ve never been particularly picky about my riding socks, but there are a two pairs I couldn’t live without.

JoJo Sox. 4″ Tuff Cuff Sox.

I got these at Rolex last year and they are easily my most used pair of  socks. Obviously, I’ll need to get another pair or two this year! These socks really designed for paddock boots, but I wear them with tall boots. They’re not super bulky, but are thick enough where you actually feel like you are wearing a sock. I also like to use these socks when I’m not riding–especially when I’m wearing skinny jeans under a boot. You can really wear these in any weather, my feet stay cool during the summer and toasty during the winter. *fun fact: the Tuff Cuff Sox are made from recycled water bottles in the good ol’ US of A!

Ovation Zocks. 

Everyone has a pair or 3 of these, right?  I think Ovation Socks come in more colors and patterns than one would know what to do with and the price point is on par with what my wallet can handle at this point (though I still have a pair from college–so they’re more durable than you would think). It has been so warm all week (yay spring!!!) and I’ve busted out these socks from winter storage just in time. Unlike the Jojo Sox I mentioned above, these feel like you’re not wearing ANY socks. This is especially helpful on those 90 degree summer days. *pro tip: don’t make the mistake of wearing these when its cold, your toes will become popsicles

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