Euro seat

I’m always being asked what my favorite breeches are. Now, I’m always torn when I answer this because I absolutely love my irideon tights, especially as the weather is starting to get warmer. But I think at the moment I’m in lust with these Ariat Heritage Low-Rise Breeches.  

Sometimes you don’t need a full seat so this Euro seat is perfect. The other technology Ariat breeches feature are really unparalleled at the price point and helps to set their breeches apart. 

Banana Republic Long Sleeve Tee. Wearing regular clothes to the barn is a given at this point. When I first started riding again I said I wouldn’t do this, but here we are – reality. I frequently pair this shirt with these breeches because I think a simple top really shows off these breeches (which I think my iPhone photo really doesn’t do justice)  

Ariat Heritage Low Rise Full Seat Breeches. Ah, so where do I start? For the sake of keeping with the theme of the blog, I’m going to touch on my two favorite technical components of this breech (but can we take a moment to appreciate the pockets?). 

First- what Ariat calls their V3 technology. It’s this little elastic “v” on the back of the waistband. It allows the waitband to stretch and move with you so that you’re always comfortable and able to move with your horse. It  seems like it wouldn’t make that much of a difference, but it actually does. I love jump lessons in these. 

Second- the elastic calves (not sure if Ariat has a special name for this). I am so short I often have a hard time getting all of a breech to fit comfortably under socks/in my boots and this totally solves that problem. The elastic is super comfortable too because it starts up towards the top of the calf and is elastic the whole way down so that there isn’t one super concentrated area of elastic that leaves uncomfortable marks in your skin. 

So, I can’t do a blog post without telling you guys my 100% honest opinion. And really, I wish I didn’t get the low rise version of these. As I mentioned before the waistband is so comfortable, I just wish it was a little higher on my waist. I tend to feel a little more comfortable with wearing my Explicit Equestrian bodysuit. So for those of you that are on the fence about the low rise, I’d suggest taking a trip to your local tack shop and try them on before you buy them. #themoreyouknow

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