I woke up early one Monday morning in February. I got dressed, did my makeup, packed my clothes for the barn and even made breakfast! Work flew by, especially since I leave a little early on barn days. The pony and I made it over some pretty impressive jumps (for us, at least!). I got home and made dinner without burning things. I ended the day by spending some time with puppies and my husband before heading to bed at a reasonable hour. It was one of those days that just went right.

But as everyone knows, not everyday is that Monday in February. That morning I woke up thinking about all of things that keep me going–that inspire me to be positive. After my lesson, I read a post talking about some of the ways a fellow blogger stayed positive in life. I’ve been thinking about that post for nearly a month now. So in honor of International Happiness Day, I decided it was my time to share the ways I stay positive (though I’ll admit, its not always easy).

  1. I keep in mind that the imperfect days make the days that go right, that much more special.
  2. I live for what I love. Finding a way to incorporate my passion into my life (horses, obviously) has made a huge different.
  3. I try very hard to appreciate those who support me. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without my husband who puts up with my early mornings and late nights at the barn, my friends who cheer me on and my parents for letting me to even ride in the first place!
  4. I find little things throughout my day that make me smile.
  5. Horses and dogs have a way of making me happy, as I’m sure they do for most people reading this! They can tell when you’re not at your best and seem to do anything in their power to turn that around.
  6. Even if they don’t succeed with trying to make you happy–have you ever tried to ride a horse when you were mad or upset? It usually go very well. When I’ve had an especially imperfect day and the first 5 things just won’t seem to help I try the “Fake it ’til you make it” approach.

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