more than meets the eye. part 1

Let’s get personal for a second. We’re always talking about breeches and base layers, belts and boots…but what about what’s underneath all of that–the foundation every riding outfit. Yup, I’m talking about underwear. (I warned you that it was about to get personal).

Honestly, there are some days we all throw on our riding clothes over whatever undergarments we had already been wearing. Other days, whatever is clean wins. However, there is something to be said about riding in the RIGHT undergarments. From bras to boot socks, I’m about to break down all of my favorites for you. This week-bras!

Cheata Trotter Tank by Cheeta Equestrian. I had mulled over the decision to get this bra for a long time. Finally, I heard Laine Askher talk about these on one of her Instagram Live chats she did and I broke down and got it.

What I Love: This bra makes back fat disappear. I swear this bra has some magic powers. You get all the compression you could ever ask for without weird bulges happening everywhere. The lower band comes down a bit lower than normal sports bras which makes it very comfortable. It may be all in my head, but I feel like it makes me sit up a bit taller.

Could be Better: The price point of this bra is pretty high–I’m talking like more than a trip to Victoria’s Secret high. Overall, though, I’d say it is worth it.

What to Know When Purchasing: Seriously, listen to their sizing chart. I ordered a size bigger than the sizing chart suggested because I thought “There’s no way I’m __ size”. Well, chances are you are probably the size they suggest.

Bodysuit by Explicit Equestrian. Is anyone else as confused as I am with this bodysuit trend? Like, when is the appropriate time to wear a body suit, what do you wear under said bodysuit, do you have to wear something over the bodysuit? SO. MANY. QUESTIONS. I bought it anyway…I was intrigued.

What I Love: This isn’t really a bra, but if you’re constantly dealing with your shirt riding up like I am, this bodysuit is for you! Every time I’ve ridden in this, I’ve forgotten I was wearing it. I didn’t have to constantly check that my shirt wasn’t riding up, or my pants weren’t falling (still having issues wearing belts, people).

Could be Better: I’m short– and this would fit a normal sized human perfectly. Definitely not a deal breaker, I’m used to this sort of issue.

What to Know When Purchasing: Explicit Equestrian is based in Canada, so if you’re in the US shipping might seem a bit expensive; because well, shipping anything from Canada to the US is expensive. The solution-spend $150 and get free shipping!

Riding Bra by Explicit Equestrian. I didn’t want to do two items by the same company, but I needed to include this bra! I find I often wear sports bras that aren’t really meant for riding. There’s nothing really wrong with that, but I typically find they’re lacking in the support department. With this bra’s front zipper, that is certainly not the case.

What I Love: Style. Style. Style. The front zipper is not only functional, but adds unexpected detail to the bra. The mesh straps (that you can’t really see in my picture) are LIFE.

Could be Better: Sometimes I have a hard time the zipper. I can’t tell if it is me or the zipper.

What to Know when Purchasing: When in doubt, I would say size up. I was on the upper end of what one size suggested, so I decided to just order the bigger size and I’m glad I did.

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