Casual Friday

Every rider’s closet has some equestrian items that inevitably find their place in everyday outfits and non-riding clothes that find their way to the barn. Sometimes there is no time between the office and the barn, sometimes it’s just a good excuse to wear your favorite jeans and new boots. 

Jeans. Levi’s 311 Skinny Jeans. I feel like these jeans were made for me! The higher rise makes them perfect for riding and other barn activities that require a lot of bending and movement. The skinny cut is great as well for getting into all sorts of boots, I even wore my tall boots with them. 

Boots. Dubarry. Need I say more? Yes, okay then I will! This olive color effortlessly transitions from season to season. It’s unique enough to add a pop of color, but neutral enough to compliment a wide range of styles and color palettes. <note: this photo was taken before I wore them, they’re now covered in mud from my trip to the barn this morning and look as a proper Dubarry boot should>

Scarf. My mom made this! She’s pretty darn talented. (She once made me an entire show outfit–stock tie, shirt and jacket). I really wanted to make the boots the star of this outfit so kept is very neutral with the white button up and tan scarf. 

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