no knot, no problem

I recently saw a photo of Laura Graves with the cutest bun neatly peaking out from under her helmet. There was not a single strand out of place, though the picture had been taken after her and Diddy had just finished a test.

I always wear a hairnet. I dream of being able to get my hair to look as good as Laura’s on a normal day–let alone when I’m riding. On top of my lack of hair styling skills, I rode at a barn during college that required all students wear a hairnet. When I started riding again last year, I reached for my hairnet out of pure habit.

I’ve always used the same old type of hairnet. You know, the one with the little knot at one end. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing like a good old fashioned hair net to get the job done. But wait, there’s another type of hairnet? Yes, yes there is — the No Knot Hairnet. Maybe these hairnets have been around for a while, but they’re new to me and I needed to share.

why I love it…

  • No hair tie needed: my husband literally bought me a pack of hair ties to keep in my car because I ALWAYS forget a hair tie.
  • No more awkward head flip to get your hair under your helmet.
  • All your hair is contained in the hairnet, so if you have longer hair the top of your ponytail won’t ever stick out the front of your helmet.

how it works…

First- put on the hairnet like you would a headband, with elastic under you hair and sitting around you head where you would usually put a regular hairnet.

Next- pull up on the open end to catch all of your hair in the hairnet.

Now- you’re done. Seriously. I like to take a quick peek in the mirror to make sure I caught all of my  hair before putting on my helmet. But its really that easy!


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