rainy days

Since I’ve started riding again, I feel like my riding clothes are a weird mix of breeches from high school, college riding team sweatshirts and other random things from my closet I use to finish my look (if we’re going to call it a look). One of my goals in starting this blog is to expand how I look at my equestrian closet to determine how I can best utilize things I already have and where I might need a to fill in some gaps.

These days my favorite riding outfits involve my rain jacket. Not that I WANT it to rain, but hey, I love the jacket.


Breeches: Irideon. I have a little love affair going on with these Cadence breeches at the moment. I love a fullseat a few shades darker than the pant color. But better than that is the elastic waist band. I decided on the low rise version of these because I’m pretty short and they ended up falling on my waist in the perfect spot. The belt loops are something unexpected on a waistband that is so comfortable, but definitely allows these pants to be dressed up.

Jacket: Barbour. The second best present I’ve ever gotten (shortly behind my dream trip to Kentucky, just ahead of the edible arrangement my husband got me in college). Seriously though, I wear this jacket whenever I get a chance. It transitions seamlessly from the barn to every day outfits. From “Barbour” stamped snap closures to the adorable pattern on the cuffs, the details on this jacket are quality and exactly what I’d expect from Barbour.

Belt: Ariat. I got this belt once I realized I was an adult and I should start tucking in my shirt. I can’t say I always follow my own advice on this one, though–the belt is often an overlooked part of my outfit. I love that this belt reverses from black to brown and that I didn’t have to commit to multiple different belts to match a variety of outfits. I’m sure once I start to consistently wear a belt again, I’ll want more. They’re the perfect finishing touch to really make an outfit look complete and polished.

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