what do you know…

“What do you know about e-commerce?”

You know it’s going to be a good day when you enthusiastically greet your co-workers first thing in the morning with such a loaded question. But wait, back up. What does everything -commerce have to do with horses, style or even this blog? Actually, a lot. Let me start from the beginning.

There aren’t many tack shops in my area. The ones that are still aren’t quite within driving distance for a quick stop after work. Ever since moving to central PA, I’ve found this to be true of most things I was used to in Massachusetts. Because of this I rely heavily on online shopping (which, who doesn’t these days?).  My co-workers loving joke about my online shopping routines and I’ve quickly become the go-to resource for questions and advice.

So, you’d think I would be pretty good at this online shopping thing when it comes to equestrian products — WRONG. The night before this conversation, I was feverishly searching the internet for a pair of gloves and a hat bag for my new helmet. I took to the internet using my  usual shopping techniques. I eventually gave up on my usual filtering and just started scrolled through what  felt like a thousand pages of stock photos just to settle on the exact same pair of gloves that I was looking to replace. I’m still in the market for a helmet bag. As I was scrolling through those many pages, it became pretty clear to me that some tack shop websites weren’t quite what I was used to.

The next morning I was in a rush to get my co-workers’ perspective. I tossed out the idea of creating an equestrian apparel website, similar to the ones I shop for my work clothes. It didn’t take long before a friend reminded me how I actually get inspiration for my work clothes–my favorite blogs.

And here we are! I hope this blog will become your go to place for equestrian inspiration, just as some of my favorite blogs have inspired me.

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